Sep 072008

It suddenly occured to me the other day that, as of today, Google has been a round for a full decade! Happy Birthday Google!!!

Despite the cliche, Google actually was started in a garage just a handful of miles from my home.  Today, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are billionaires who single-handedly (double-handedly?) made the internet accessible to millions (if not billions) of technophobes the world over.

As I ponder a decade of Google I both think it can’t be that young (hasn’t there always been Google?) and that it’s not just old, it’s archaic (by internet standards at least).  I remember when I first heard about Google, confident in the knowledge that no search engine would ever unseat the mighty Yahoo!  Oops, I guess that was my mistake for the decade 😉

While Google and I definitely have a love-hate relationship (they yanked my PR, but I still do 30+ searches a day and use gmail, etc, etc) I know that my beloved internet wouldn’t be half as cool or useful as it is without Google constantly pushing the envelope (and pushing their competitors to innovate).

The greatest gift I think Google has given all of us during its decade of life has been absolute evidence that a company can be (hugely) profitable while giving away its primary product(s).  they didn’t invent the marketing strategy, but the sure perfected it on the internet superhighway (how often do y’all hear that phrase anymore?).

It turns out I’m not the only person here that’s excited about Google’s birthday either.  Here’s Z’s gift to the God that is Google-

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  2. HaPPy Birthday my Google. You are the one whom I see most.

  3. Well google deserves the most of the wishes. Most of the people are today sitting apart are coordinating to each other just because of google. Lot of people are earning getting information, meeting and too much advantages of this google. Thank you google for being in my life. Happy birthday to you! May you have many many more.

  4. Well google have been on the top among my friends circle and sorry to say I don’t his birthday. Ohh google I m soooooooooo sorry for belated wishes. Happy birthday my friend.

  5. Google always celebrates it birthday?? Wow that sounds good. Any ways happy birthday my dear google. You are my sweet guggle muggle. People should give a present to google by using it more, more and more.

  6. happy one decade dear google. Thought I am late but my wishes for you and promise to use is ever lasting. Good time my friend.

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