Sep 052008
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I believe I’ve shared with y’all in the past my impression that Z doesn’t know how to get genuinely excited.  I’d scheme and plot for months to come up with some “big idea” that I thought was gonna rock her world and she’d smile and say ‘cool’ when I told her about it.  A positive reaction to be sure, but not exactly the emphasis I had hoped for.  Well, last night I had her read my we’re going to Miley Cyrus’ birthday party post and filmed the reaction.  This is what I was hoping for all along-

That’s what I call a happy kid! Aside from the serious lovin’ I got once she was done reading, my favorite part is the way her reading slows as it sinks in to her brain that she’s actually going. My next favorite is the way she catches the “Oh My God” and turns it into “Oh My Gosh”. (She’s the only one that’s religious in our family).

While she was calling her friends and sharing her excitement one of them, H, an old family friend from before she was born, got pretty excited about the concept as well. It turns out her folx are almost as insane as I am (old friends will be like that), so it turns out that Z, H, and I will be three of 5,000 fans attending Miley’s Sweet 16 Party at Disneyland! Yep, I’m not only going to wade into a mob of tween girls while escorting my own munchkin but someone else’s as well. Should be a blast!

Part of the Miley Cyrus' Disney Sweet 16 Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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