Aug 282008

As my little internet empire continues to expand I’ve been putting more and more stress on my various webhosting accounts.  Although I’m receiving decent customer service at excellent prices (sometimes even free) I keep finding myself wanting or needing something for a new project that none of my hosting companies offers.  Or, I build a site on one company’s servers only to later realize that the specific feature I need is only available through one of the other companies, meaning I need to move the site.  Serious headaches.

So, I’ve been investigating the possibility of getting my own dedicated server to host all of my websites.  With low end prices of $50 per month this is not a simple decision to make.  Although I refer to my online efforts as an “empire” it’s more of a small backwater town when it comes to revenue generation 😉   So, I went looking for more information and came across an article titled Do You Need Dedicated Hosting? over at, a hosting review site. It’s one of the most clear and succinct comparisons of dedicated servers and shared hosting I’ve come across.

My decision is not yet made, but I’m definitely leaning more and more towards getting my own dedicated server.  If you have any experience transitioning multiple websites from shared hosting accounts to a managed hosting solution, comments and suggestions would be much appreciated.

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