Aug 192008
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It was back in early 2002 that my dear friend Mike McGee first suggested I try out a new type of website that was all the rage called Friendster. Frankly I wasn’t interested. No, I was more than happy geeking my way around with the static websites, forums, and mailing lists I’d been working on since I first got online several years earlier. I may have been an internet addict, but I wasn’t interested in “networking’ with others online.

Eventually, Mike moved on to Live Journal and when I started working with performance poets I realized I needed a way to communicate with them more easily as a group, so I started an account there as well. In fact, I still own a permanent LJ account, I just don’t use it anymore. That’s because two years ago I discovered WordPress and the true power of blogging.

Currently I own 21 different and unique blogs in various stages of development. A few of them are actually run by my daughter Z as she starts on her own blogging journey, and several of them still have the “This is a WordPress blog” post sitting all alone on their homepage. Others receive several posts a day. However, despite the variety of projects I’ve begun, WordPress has consistently come through for me. And I’ve finally accepted that I am in love with this little piece of free software.

Thus, I’ve decided to start yet another new series here at Philaahzophy. It will be called Wonderful WordPress Wednesday and, as the name indicates, will appear on this site on Wednesdays. Hopefully, it will appear every Wednesday, but I have been pretty bad at keeping my other weekly series, Friday Frugality, so we’ll have to see about that. Each installment of this series will focus not only on how much I love WordPress, but also on ways that WordPress is willing and able to work for your love as well.

I expect we’ll all learn something along the way. Should you have a WordPress discovery you’d like to share, a nifty new plugin you’ve developed, or just a great tip you’d like to see more people become aware of, please comment on any article in the series to let me know about it!

Part of the Wonderful WordPress Wednesdays Series -        Next in series

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