Aug 192008

As I may have mentioned, Z was off visiting her grandmother for two solid weeks, leaving me with way too much free time.  So, I decided to head out into the world for a bit and see if I still had “game”.  It turns out that, not surprisingly, I don’t.  In fact, when asked for my best pickup line all I could come up with was…

I’d like to buy you a new Ferrari.

I can’t, but I’d sure like to.

Drumroll, please 🙂

Luckily the internet, as usual, has help for my problem. Allow me to introduce you to the answer to all my problems – the Ultimate Flirting Championship

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If you remember The Dating Game television show then you’ll be right at home with this little online version, sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5. You simply create an avatar to represent yourself, then wait to be joined by two complete strangers. The mix will always be two guys and one girl. The lone representative of their gender is permitted to act questions of the other two contests and choose the best answer from those given. ultimately they determine who has Victory Hair – that little special look a person gets when they’ve connected with someone their attracted to and nature has taken its course. You may know it by another name, but I kinda like Victory Hair myself.

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