Aug 182008

As parents, there are millions of things we want to teach our children in a relatively short period of time.  As a divorced father who missed the first 9 years of his daughters life there are just as many things, but a much more compressed time frame.  Not only have I missed many, many years all together, but even the time I have is limited by visitation.  So it amazes me a bit that it took me so long  to start combining these lessons.

Some of the biggest parenting goals I’ve had are to teach Z personal responsibility, economic sense, personal worth, and that work will eventually pay off.  Last month I finally figured out a way to bring these goals together.  Instead of giving Z an allowance simply because she’s managed to keep breathing for another week I’ve instead decided to pay her to blog.

I’m finally starting to make some decent monthly cash through blogging and I thought it was time to share the wealth a bit.  Instead of simply thrusting her into the world of blog monetization, I’m actually paying her for every post she makes (based on a minimum of four posts per week).  So far it seems to be working fairly well.  She has earned around $50 in the last four weeks writing primarily on her personal blog she’s dubbed the Butterfly Diaries.  More importantly, as a result of her consistent posting she’s getting indexed almost immediately by Google and starting to generate revenue through Adsense and a few affiliate programs as well.

Actually, let me withdraw the qualifier on that last sentence and try again.  Most importantly she’s learning to earn her own money (if at a slightly inflated scale), learning how to communicate better, and developing critical thinking skills at the same time.  Meanwhile it helps us grow closer as she better understands the trials, tribulations and victories that I experience on a daily basis while trying to eek out a living online.

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