Aug 132008

Part of my job as a live-in caregiver to two developmentally disabled adults is to spend the night here. I actually get an hourly wage for sleeping in my own bed each night. Kind of bizarre, but now I know why. As I wrote on my Morgan Hill blog, my entire apartment building was roused a few minutes after midnight this morning by a fire alarm.

As soon as the alarm started squealing I headed for the door.  Roommate/client #1 was already heading downstairs, but my other roommate (the one I get paid overnights to watch) was sitting quietly, watching The Tonight Show and wondering what all the racket was.  After getting everyone safely out of the apartment I went to investigate and the alarms were going off in every apartment in our building.  People were starting to come outside in their robes and slippers and everyone was asking what happened.

Luckily, no one was hurt (not just in my apartment, but everywhere).  It seems that one of the fire sprinklers malfunctioned, flooding an upstairs balcony and sending water poring downstairs as well.  The biggest tragedy is that although the complex’s fire insurance will cover damage to the building, neither tenant has renters insurance so the loss of their personal belongings will not be covered.

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