Jul 312008
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I’ve been a movie junkie my entire life.  During the many homeless years budgets didn’t allow theater visits and lack of a home means lack of wall outlets to plug in such niceties as televisions or VCRs and DVD players.  But that didn’t mean the itch for filmed entertainment went away.  Instead, the itch was scratched by books about film – biographies, novelizations, and film surveys.

However, one cinematic genre survey I never stumbled across (and which still hasn’t been written as far as I know) was on the ever-popular cinematic hit man.  I’m not talking about the men who make films into hits (through either their artisitic or marketing genius), but rather movies featuring paid assassins.  Whether political, mafiosos, or independents the hit man is a myth that is often exploited on the big screen, though his (or her) role is seldom examined by the film literati.

I’ve wanted to write such a book for years, but had no idea how to go about doing so.  When I started seriously blogging last year I pondered the possibility of dedicating a blog to these guns for hire, but never quite got around to it.  Instead I’ve decided to start my survey here.

So keep the eyes in the back of your head peeled because there will soon be paid killers on the loose and they’ll have you in their crosshairs…

Part of the Hollywood Hit Men Project Series -        Next in series

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