Jul 282008

Wow!  It’s been a really great summer.  I suppose I should say it was a really great summer, ’cause mine’s over now.  It started early (with the trip to Hard Rock Park’s opening in May) so I suppose it’s only fair that it end early as well. Tomorrow Z boards a plane to visit my mother for two weeks, then she starts school about a week after returning.

Not only did Z and I have some amazing experiences this summer, but we really grew closer as well.  We have better conversations and understand each other better than we did in the past.  We’re closer and I’m actually feeling like a father.  I like to think that she is actually seeing me as a parent as well, but we’ll have to see what effect school has on that.

Unfortunately, I kind of ated like a school kid myself and took most of the summer off from my (non-parenting) responsibilities.   Oh, I still worked my day job (or got days covered so I could vacation), but I’ve hardly blogged at all and all of my online revenue streams have been largely ignored.  It’s not like I didn’t notice.  My flagging bank balance made itself evident repeatedly, I just couldn’t get motivated to do anything but plan my next adventure with Z or relive our last one in my brain.

My online empire really started to fall apart in the spring when Z was away and I entered a pretty serious bout of depression.  But I’m hoping to reverse that trend completely this time around and use her time away to get my virtual house back in order.  But it’s notjust the internet stuff that fell off this summer.  After losing successfully quitting smoking and losing roughly 20 pounds back in May I’m now heavier than I was in January and back to a pack a day.  Both of these need to be remedied.

Summer wasn’t a total disaster for my long term goals, however.  I did manage to complete my California CoasterQuest!  Now I just need to get around to writing the posts of all the great adventures we had doing so.

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  1. Always good to read what you have to say

  2. thx man

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