Jul 112008

After losing my wallet while riding Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain a couple of weeks back I’ve moved “get a spare pair of glasses” up on my priority list.  Luckily my wallet was found, but those three hours or so without it were not exactly “fun times at the amusement park”.  Losing (or breaking) my glasses would leave me essentially blind.  Add in the fact that I can’t drive without them (I can’t see the instrument panel, much less other cars)  and Z and I would be stranded wherever we were when the loss occurred.

The problem is that prescription glasses are prohibitively expensive.  Enter ZenniOptical.com.  They have a huge selection of frames with all the standard lens options (including sunglasses) for as little as $8!  If you’re concerned about the quality and service (as I was) then be sure to watch the video news report about Zenni on Fox affiliate WGHP.

  3 Responses to “Zenni Optical Prescription Glasses – Deal Or Dud?”

  1. […] $300 later could finally see again.  It’s a bit ironic that I had recently posted about the $8 glasses available from Zenni Optical, but not yet taken advantage of their offer myself.  I surely paid the price for that oversight! […]

  2. I was glad to see a mention for ZENNI Optical on your site. I am a satisfied customer of Zenni. Watching the FOX video I had to smile at the reluctance of Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Opticians about giving patients information that they have PAID for. It’s all about MONEY! when a patient asks for information like pupillary distance, the practitioner knows that the patient is going somewhere else for glasses.
    I have performed more than 20,000 refractions, (eye exams), and glasses are – well, glasses. People with a high +, or – Rx should get polycarbonate lenses. These are lighter and thinner. As far as ZENNI goes, they are great!

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