Jul 102008

Well, I finally broke down and purchased Microsoft Office 2007 and Vista.  I purchased them through Cost Captain using the Home School discount, so got them both for slightly more than $200.  Not too bad, especially as the bulk of the purchase was paid for by a CostCaptain.com gift certificate that I’d received last Christmas and just not got around to using until now.

I’ve written about Cost Captain a few times before here on Philaahzophy, but having received my package today, just let me add that not only is their customer service friendly and top notch, but they came through the entire buying process with flying colors.  Since they’re selling 100% Authentic Microsoft products at academic discounts I had to provide proof of academic eligibility, but this wasn’t painful in the least.  Since we’re doing homeschooling I was concerned, but a friend in the local home school group knew just what I needed because she’s been using Cost Captain for years.

Now I just have the unenviable task of upgrading my operating system.  ::blech:: See y’all in a few hours.  (I hope)

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