Jul 092008

SocialSpark, the latest paid to blog service from Izea, still has some pretty serious bugs to work out. After writing more than 40 posts for them in the first six weeks they were open I’ve been away from the site for over a month. Upon returning today I found little has changed. While this would normally be a good thing, SocialSpark is still in Beta and hasn’t worked out the vast majority of the flaws that I, and many other bloggers, pointed out in the first few weeks.

Here’s some images to show the latest slap in the face Izea and SocialSpark are delivering to aspiring bloggers-

The first screenshot shows the main page bloggers see once they’re logged in to SocialSpark. I circled the “opportunity Spotlight” which is a $12.oo paid post for the new Dirt Devil AccuCharge cordless vacuum. The second screenshot shows what happens when a blogger clicks over to the opportunity. Here they learn that the opportunity is “closed”. In other words, they’re spotlighting an earning opportunity that is no longer valid. Seriously, how difficult would it be to have the randomizer that determines the “Opportunity Spotlight” check to make sure the opportunity was still open?

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