Jul 092008

I mentioned in passing that my flatbed scanner died back in June.  In fact, it died June 5th.  I know the date exactly because I wasted no time in purchasing a new (used) scanner on eBay and paying for it that very evening to be shipped by priority mail.  It never arrived.  The seller’s only comment is “It should have arrived by now”.  Really?  After a month?  Thanks a lot.  PayPal claim filed.

By June 20th I had given up on the first seller and purchased another flatbed scanner with Buy It Now on eBay, paying immediately with PayPal once again.  It also has yet to arrive, despite paying for Priority Mail once again.  The seller’s comment “I mailed it on the 27th.  It should have arrived by now.”  Gee, thanx.  PayPal claim filed.

Yes, they were different sellers.  No, neither of them had a lot of of selling experience.  But in more than a decade of using eBay I think I’ve been ripped off a half-dozen times.  To have two scanners disappear in the mail in one month seems a bit strange even to me.  Meanwhile I’m stuck without a scanner, have a ton of scanning work piling up, and managed to way overspend my paycheck for this month meaning I have to wait even longer.  ::sigh::

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