Jul 092008

While I’m fairly happy with the current webhost for Philaahzophy, Google’s continuing stance against anyone actually generating income on their blogs has me concerned about some future web projects. Google has flat out refused to give any page rank to any website I operate out of this hosting account, so I once again find myself shopping for webhosting on sites like UnoEuroRabatkode.dk. As frustrating as it is that I need to now have multiple website hosting accounts just to avoid Google’s wrath that appears to be the only way to survive in the new Google-ized world wide web.

So, I headed over to webhosting review site Web Hosting Geeks in order to see what the latest offerings were.  While I haven’t decided on a new hosting company yet I did find this site to be above average as hosting review sites go.  You can sort prospective webhosts  not only by the services they provide (Unix, Windows, VPS, etc) but also by your intended use (blogs, e-commerce, etc).  Additionally, you can read reviews in such categories as Webmaster reviews, Customer Reviews and  RealMetrics reviews, which were nice options to have.

  3 Responses to “Hunting For Another Webhost … Again”

  1. Windows webhosting: still for lamers.

    Failing to update your copyright notice template after 2007 expired: not impressive.

    Hosting outside the US: Alllllway tasty, sometimes fruitful.

    Hacking your way through a foreign language for unlimited bandwidth + SSH + whatever for $12/mo: priceless.

    Mikes last blog post..SmokeFreeNiue.nu

  2. Ya know, Mike, you’ve made a very valid point about my copyright notice. The fact is, I totally forgot it was there. You see, I stopped adding a copyright notice to all of my new sites (claiming copyright while arguing against the concept’s validity seems hypocritical), and just never got around to removing it from here. Problem resolved. Thanx for the heads up!

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