Jun 152008

So, it’s been almost a month. If any of y’all are still checking out, Philaahzophy I apologize for my absence. But I’m not going to apologize too profusely, cause frankly, that’s just what happens when you try to follow along with a manic-depressive blogger. Yep, I’ve been absent as a result of a string of overlapping depressive episodes as well as simply having a very busy last month. But, for now, I’m back.

The more astute amongst you may have realized that I’m posting this on Father’s Day. Z got me just what every manic-depressive Dad needs: The HAPPY Box.

Now, whenever I’m sad I just need to pull out one of the red slips. I can’t tell you what they say, because, unlike pretty much all previous Father’s Days, I haven’t been sad yet, today. But I’m pretty sure they’ll work, whatever they are.

She also colored up some Speed Racer art for me which, it turns out, is the first thing to occupy that blank space under Z’s bunk bed that I stare at while I lay in bed. It’s fairly likely I had a Speed racer picture of some sort under the last bunk beds I slept under as well, so this seemed doubly relevant. Oh, and I can’t forget the card – complete with giant (pop-up) Metal Typer token!

I didn’t abandon y’all completely, though. I did update the Photo Galleries page here at Philaahzophy and I was working pretty hard on one of my new blogs which features our Amusement Park Ride Photo collection. That is, I was working on it until my scanner died. now I’m stuck waiting for the new one to arrive from eBay before I can continue.

Posts on all of our exciting adventures should start appearing again tomorrow.

  2 Responses to “The HAPPY Box aka Yeah, I’m Back”

  1. I love you! <3

    Zs last blog post..Apologizes…

  2. I love you too Kitten 🙂

  3. […] mentioned in passing that my flatbed scanner died back in June.  In fact, it died June 5th.  I know the date exactly […]

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