May 192008

In my ongoing quest to ride every roller coaster in California, this was, by far, the most difficult to locate. Let’s start with just gathering information about it online…

It’s name is simply “roller coaster”. This doesn’t really give the search engines much to go on, does it. Add in the fact that various roller coaster sites have its home park listed alternatively as Funderwoods and Fun Town. At least they all agreed the coaster was in Lodi or I could have really been chasing a ghost. It turns out the park’s name was changed to Fun Town in 2006, BTW.

Upon arriving at the location indicated by MapQuest, we were greeted by this closed entrance!! Of course, never to be dissuaded from riding a coaster, Z went ahead and snuck in anywayz 😉

Seriously, though, the first entrance to Micke Grove Park, with the beautifully sculpted lawn and gorgeous gate house is closed for construction. It was only by pure chance that I ventured farther down the road and found another entry to the park. Of course, the quest was still not complete. there are no signs announcing Fun Town, and th eonly clue that we were in the right place was the fact that “amusement rides” was included on some of the park directional signs.

Obviously, we managed to find the place. Fun Town lived up to its name, being an enjoyable spot with about a half dozen different rides, mostly of the kiddie variety. Much to Z’s joy, they even had a Tilt-A-Whirl which was a lovely shades of blue and green-

The coaster itself was small, of course, and definitely a kiddie coaster, but not a kiddie ride. In other words, full size adults are more than welcome, and it only costs a single ticket, while the Tilt-A-Whirl and Scrambler each took two! Here’s a few pics of the coaster and a couple more videos. the first is a real quick look at tthe coaster pulling into the station and the second is our on-ride video.

As you can see from the on-ride video, this thing goes around a good five or six times, so it’s well worth the $1.75 (less if you buy tickets in bulk).
You can see more pictures of Roller Coaster as well as Fun Town, Micke Grove Park, and the Lodi A&W at our Micke Grove Photo Gallery.

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