May 192008

We aspire to a world community without enemy, without war. Man is not enemy of man except through lies of the State and State of the lie. Once violence is chosen as method, falsehood becomes principle. Our direct eyewitness experience shows that the State owes its existence to violence, and maintains itself by lies, coercion, and war.

That’s the opening statement on, an article archive dedicated to a Stateless Society, and created by Jeff Knaebel, an American-born expatriate who has been living since 1995 in self-imposed exile in India.

What most attracted me to the site was a section titled “What We Can Do”. I thought I had, at long last, found a compatriot t oassist in my Applied Anarchy series here at Philaahzophy. Alas, it was not to be as this section is apparently empty. Fortunately, however, the essays, events and filed reports sections are all packed with articles.

Ignoring the spiritual aspects can be a bit difficult at times (I always thought Buddhists were non-evangelical), but still possible and usually worth the effort. Although Jeff, aka Satyagrahi, is the primary force behind the site, it boasts articles from others as well. Apparently Satyagrahi has fled the domineering state in a very literal way, even allowing his passport and other government documentation to expire, leaving him a man without a country.

The site also boasts a small forum (currently 32 members are active), which I hope to explore more in the near future. It’s wonderful to find people actually interested about doing something to move towards freedom instead of wasting their time trying to choose the lesser of two evils.

  3 Responses to “Buddhism, Freedom and Society Without State”

  1. Appraently, they fixed the “What One can Do” section immediately, because it is there. see:

  2. Wow, that was quick! Thanks for the heads up, Dave.

    Yes, within minutes of my post the “What You Can Do” section has returned to the site. Good to see, and good to have available.

  3. Thanks for the info, I’m going over there now take a look. Sounds very interesting.

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