May 172008

Mpfree_new_logoI honestly didn’t expect to be writing any more articles on general GPT or “Paid For Action” sites. I decided some time ago that signing up for offers I only intended to cancel simply wasn’t worth my time or sanity. But when I heard you could Get Free Music From I headed over to see what all the fuss was about.

It turns out they’ve got a new twist on an old game. If you’re familiar with GPT sites, then all you need to know is that instead of earning cash, at MPFree you’ll earn songs in MP3 format that you can download, 100% legally from their servers. If you’re not familiar with GPT programs than read on….

GPT programs sprung up as a result of affiliate marketing on the internet. Affiliate marketing is essentially big companies (and some small ones) paying individual webmasters and bloggers a set fee for every person they get to fill out a form, sign up for a newsletter, complete a survey, or request more product info. The webmasters of GPT programs gather hundreds or thousands of people together to use their affiliate links for these programs and thus earn a higher commission. They then pass on some of their earnings to you for every action you performed. In this case, instead of them passing along cash, they’re converting that cash to legal MP3s.

Pretty ingenious, actually.

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