May 162008

No, I don’t mean I have nothing to sell, or that none of the items I’m offering are attracting bids. I’m talking about people that are selling (essentially) nothing – as in empty bags for crimminy’s sake! Take a look at some of the latest sales-

  • Empty Happy Meal Bag (pictured) – $113.50
  • Empty Fritos Bag – $560.00!!
  • Empty Olive Garden Bread-Stick Take Out Bag – $600.11

The Olive Garden bag was apparently the one that started this whole fiasco, but now is your chance to take advantage of it before it ends!

What’s that? You’ve never sold anything on eBay before? You’d have no idea how to even start? Well, then one of my sponsors is the perfect answer for your woes: iSold It

Here’s your step by step directions-

  1. Acquire an empty bag (food items seem to have the most popular bags)
  2. Visit your local iSold It location to drop off bag
  3. Wait for the check to arrive

Could it be any simpler?

And no, folx, this post is NOT a joke, funny though it may be (and I certainly hope it is). Those bags really did sell for those prices and iSold It really is a great company.
Sponsored by iSold It!

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