May 162008

Okay, Nightmare is too strong a word for it, but it makes for a much stronger title than “My Personal TSA Bad Experience” 😉

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before, but Z collects snowglobes from the places that she’s visited. Thus far she has somewhere in the neighborhood of 40. Not too bad for a 12 year old, in my opinion. While in Myrtle Beach she picked up another half dozen or so at the various spots we visited and had packed them securely in her bag.

I know I’ve mentioned here before that as much as I used to love to fly and as much as I now hate to fly (thanks to the TSA) one thing has remained consistent: my abhorrence for checked baggage. At best checking a suitcase adds an hour onto each end of your trip. It’s just a hassle and I don’t see the point in taking that much stuff along unless you’re traveling from really warm weather to really cold weather or you’re going to be at your location more than 10 days. Otherwise everything I need can be packed into a single large carryon. As a result of this belief I am, of course, training Z to be the same way. And that training’s making an impact as she was astounded at how quickly and easily we were able to get to our gate at the beginning of our trip. Coming home is where the hassles occurred…

While Z’s bag made its way through the x-ray machine the operator thought they saw some type of “cream” in a tube. I’m not sure how they could ID such a thing considering there was nothing of the sort in her bag (I bought toiletries there and left them behind to avoid just such a problem). When the TSA Nazi… erm… officer(?) checked her bag she found the snow domes and insisted that they contained too much liquid so had to be either checked or discarded. ::sigh::

So, back through the security area we went to check her bag. Since we were now checking one bag we repacked a few things from her bag into my carry-on and from my carryon into her bag, then went ahead and checked it through. When we arrived in San Francisco Z’s bag was the first one off the carousel and it still took an hour after landing to get out of the airport. All because some twit with a badge (and the threat of a gun) wouldn’t allow a little girl to bring snow globes on an airplane!

But that’s not the end of our story. On the drive home I had Z start emptying her bag of my stuff as she was going straight to her Mom’s house. That was when she noticed the little “TSA Cleared” sticker on her luggage tag. Z flies 4-6 times a year to see my relatives and had never received one of these tags before. I informed her that the TSA (and the rest of the government for that matter) has completely disregarded our 4th amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure. They feel that they can look anywhere and take anything they want at ay time and most of the sheeple in America go along with it because they foolish believe they’re being kept safe.

Well, as Z opened the front pocket of her bag to retrieve my items it turns out the pocket was now completely empty! The TSA had simply stolen everything in the pocket! We were repacking in such a hurry at the airport that the only thing we know for sure is missing is a pair of my denim shorts. Yeah, there’s a threat to the safety of an airp[lane: denim shorts! There was definitely more stuff in the pocke, but we just couldn’t think of it off the top of our heads. There is, of course, no recourse. We just have to suffer through it and go on with our lives.

I found this little video that truly represents whatthe TSA is about, but be forewarned, due to profanity this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

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  2. Travel has become so much more complicated. I’m afraid to put anything into my suitcase other than clothes. Probably best to ship anything you buy back to your home to avoid the hassle.

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