May 152008

I know, I know, I’ve been back four days and still haven’t posted very much about our vacation last week. The truth is I’ve been working at it, but processing dozens of videos and well over a thousand photos is taking much longer than I expected.

Everything’s been processed now and it’s just a matter of getting all of the photos uploaded to ShareAPic and all of the videos uploaded to Revver that’s holding me back at this point. Well, that and catching up on all thework (both online and off) that I missed while we were gone.

Meanwhile, here’s a video to tide you over. At Family Kingdom they had a mock surfboard/wave where you could have your picture taken and it would look like you were surfing. Unfortunately there was no one manning the booth, so we decided to just take a picture in front of the booth ourselves. Alas, I’m still quite the idiot with this camera and I had it set for video rather than still shots. Here’s the results…

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