May 152008

Bloggers love their toys and their widgets. It’s one of the things they have in common with those who follow politics (and helps explain the large number of political bloggers). Well, I was just introduced to a nifty little election toy that I think y’all are going to love…

Predict the outcome of the November election with the Custom Electoral Outcome Maps. Basically, you visit their sit, register (or login with your Yahoo, AOL/AIM, or OpenID account) and then they present you with a map of the United States. You indicate on the map whether the Democrat, Republican, or Independent candidate will win that state. You can also select Unassigned if you’re just not sure. They then store your map on their servers for others to see.

But that’s just the beginning. Because then you can send the link to your map off to your friends, family, or political rivals for them to see how you think things are going to work out this November. They even provide the code so you can embed your map on your website or blog for all of your visitors to see. It brings a lot more ease to the concept of running an electoral betting pool (although they obviously don’t advertise this aspect on the site 😉 )

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