May 152008

As I mentioned yesterday there is currently a Dockers contest running to make a new commercial. The winner will have their video played on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Well, I’ve finally come up with the perfect concept for my video and now I’m just looking for my leading man. What I need is someone who is young, hip and likes wearing Dockers. Shouldn’t be too hard… Should it?

I put out a casting call in my local area (my very local area) and three hopefuls answered the ad, including a celebrity that I’m sure you all know and love. Let’s see how they did…

  One Response to “Dockers Contest Casting Call – The Actor”

  1. Hi, I was looking for work in this field……….It’s too late , I Know, but I figured I would.

    Anyways, you can see me at

    I wrote it, sang it and played all the instruments.

    hope you like it……….

    from moe…………661-713-8369 from Los Angeles, Ca.

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