May 142008

I seriously don’t know what happened to today.  You see I just woke up about an hour ago – 7:30pm!

Last night at about 9:40 my DSL went out, AGAIN.  With one PPP opp reserved and due by 3am and 2 SocialSpark opps reserved and due by 9am, this was completely unacceptable.  But what could I do?  So I wrote up the opps in EditPad along with a few other posts and by midnight my internet had still not come back on.  So I finally called Earthlink only to receive absolutely zero help.  The “tech” on the other end of the phone informed me in no uncertain terms that all he could do was walk me through the same BS checklist they always walk people through – reset the modem, check the cables, etc.  Well, I’ve done all that dozens of times, including last night before I called, so no go there.  They then informed me that they couldn’t even run tests on my lines until 3am local time.  What kind of tech support is that?  So, I hung up on them.

I finally located a dial-up number for Earthlink and got my posts made then hit the sack around 2am.  Only to sleep a solid 17 hours.  WOW!  I didn’t (and don’t) feel sick, nor did I feel overtired, but there we have it.  I guess my vacation took more of a tolel on me than I thought.

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