May 132008

And now Skeet’s gone and proven her right (with a little help from a construction guy named Quinten). Aahz Wins! That’s Quinten over there in the picture holding up MY name which he selected at random to make me the monthly prize winner in Skeet’s Tuesday Teaser contest.

If you’re not familiar with Skeet you should definitely check out her blogs. Every Tuesday she posts a Tuesday teaser which is a close-up photo of some random object.

I managed to determine that the item pictured below was a car door handle. Did it in record time, too 🙂 As a result of that I won my way into the monthly drawing for a $10 gift card. that’s where my new favorite Hawaiian, Quinten comes in. He drew the slip with my name instead of the four others. One woman had her name on THREE slips, but I still managed to squeek by. Go me! 😀

This week’s Tuesday Teaser is a real stumper though 🙁

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  1. Your mom was right, Aahz! Congrats again on winning the drawing. I’ve sent you an email follow-up and your prize should be in your hot little hands by tomorrow.

    And hey …mahalo for the link-up!

    skeet’s last blog post..Tuesday Teaser photo verification

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