May 132008

I’m not sure why the idea struck my mind earlier today, but I am once again considering starting my own Paid To Read (PTR)/Paid To Click (PTC) website. I already own a domain name that could work for it (and is currently underutilized) and I’ve got free webhosting thanks to Top Hosting Center, so I figured why not. Well, that’s what I’m here to ask all of you: Why Not?

With the domain and hosting already covered my only real expenses will be advertising (which will primarily be handled by the members looking to increase their referral downlines) and the PTR scripts themselves. Cash Crusader seems to be the most stable of the PTR scripts so I’d be going with them. Cash Crusader costs only $75 and I could see myself spending about another $100 on various plugins. All of these software licenses are for the life of the site so they’re one-time startup costs.

Other than the scripts and some minimal advertising my only other recurring costs would be member payouts and the time involved in operating the program itself. The payouts shouldn’t be a problem at all as long as I set reasonable rates for incoming ads. Again, since I have almost no recurring costs this should not be too difficult. It’s the time involved that is my real concern.

I’ve tried to locate a forum for Cash Crusader admins but have been unsuccessful thus far. I used to know of several when I got started in GPT about a decade ago, but had no luck earlier today. Again, that’s why I’m turning to you, dear readers. Does anyone have any experience running GPT programs? Comments or emails would be very much appreciated!

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