May 132008

Man, did I need that! Four days of not having to worry about anything or anyone was exactly what the doctor ordered. There was way too much happening on this trip to dump into a single post. But instead of making y’all wait until I have time to write and publish the 25 or so individual blog posts I have planned about it allow me to just say that I used to feel like the kitten on the left (barely hangin’ on), but now feel like the cat on the right – completely relaxed.

Here’s a brief rundown of how we experienced this once in a lifetime opportunity-


Z was skipping school in the morning because they weren’t doing any actual educating. So I had her Mom tell her that I’d be taking her to breakfast. Which I did – at Buck’s in Woodside. She still had no idea we were going anywhere and was simply under the impression that since we had until noon to get her to school we were free to roam a little farther than normal.

It wasn’t until we’d been at the airport for over an hour that Z finally figured out what was going on 🙂  The rest of the day was spent on the flight from hell, which is a full blog post unto itself.  Let me just say that I was literally crying at one point as we approached Charlotte airport.


With Hard Rock Park not opening until 4pm we spent the morning exploring the touristy section of Myrtle Beach where we discovered a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, two haunted houses, dozens of souvenir shops, and no fewer than three different arcades (Believe It, Or Not!)   There was much fun and frolicking, Z even dipped briefly into the Atlantic Ocean, and many, many redemption tickets were earned at the various games in the arcades.

We arrived at Hard Rock Park a few minutes before four only to discover that it was not actually a Sound Check day as I had thought (and bought tickets for), but Season Passholders Appreciation Day.  Luckily the kind folx at Guest Services allowed me to simply pay the difference between the Sound Check tickets and the General Admission tickets and allowed us to enter and explore.  This park … wait for it … ROCKS!  Sorry, couldn’t help myself. 8)


By mutual agreement we slept in Friday morning so didn’t arrive at Hard Rock Park until about noon.  The park is small by California standards and several of the rides were having technical difficulties so we only stayed for a few hours.  Still we had a great time and are both completely enamored with the park and all of its employees.

Returning to the motel in early evening we rested a bit  and then headed to yet another amusement park: Family Kingdom.  We bought “all day” wristbands and spent about four hours there, until they kicked us out at closing.


Having a late afternoon flight meant we had a good part of the day left to explore Myrtle Beach some more.  We had considered a couple of rounds of miniature golf, but instead decided on a buffet breakfast and more time in the arcades.  Z cashed in a bunch of her tickets to get me a pirate Scooby Doo (like ones we’d seen at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom midway the week before), picked up some more goodies for herself, and then we called it a trip.

While the flight home wasn’t as bad as the flight out, TSA was living up to its secondary name (Totally Shitty Agency) and caused us all kinds of grief, but again, that’s for another post.   We arrived home intact and pleasantly exhausted.

More details on everything will be posted over the coming week (or maybe two) so keep your eyes out for those, but until then, just know that we both had an amazing time and it was absolutley worth the full month of my life I spent earning the cash to go!

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