May 072008

Hard Rock Park Although I’m going to try to update Philaahzophy over the next few days I don’t know if I’m going to be able to. Why?

Because I’m taking Z on a surprise trip to both the Soft Opening and the Grand Opening of the new Hard Rock Park amusement park in Myrtle Beach, SC!!!

We’ve been tracking the progress of Hard Rock Park since first learning of it last summer and had all but decided that we’d be unable to visit at all this year due to a combination of financial constraints and Z’s outbreaks of bad behavior. But this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Imagine if you’d had the chance to visit Disneyland on its first day. How long would you beat yourself up over missing that?

Hard Rock Park is either going to wind up being a huge destination for both roller coaster/amusement park fans and music lovers or it’s going to crumble under its own weight in just a few years. Either way, opening day is only going to happen once. And we’re going to be there!!!

I vent about X a fair amount here on Philaahzophy (and even more in person 😉 ) but this couldn’t have happened (much less been a complete surprise for Z) without X’s help. So a giant THANK YOU to her as well!

Final preparations for this trip are the explanation for the lack of regular posts here over the last few days as well as for the next few. The fact that even as this is being published Z still has no idea what’s going on (I’m not telling her until she figures it out for herself – I’m guessing boarding the plane, but we’ll see) is why II’ve dropped so many cryptic sentences into my posts the last few weeks. Yes, the opportunity to check out all those new rides is why my weight deadline was today (I’m at 232 right now) and the seven hour plane rides are the reason the quit smoking deadline was approaching so rapidly.

We’ll be back in time for Mother’s Day celebrations on Sunday and at that point I’ll start through the backlog of posts to be made here (many political ones, a few more discoveries I’ve made on the ‘net of late, as well as trip reports for not only the Hard Rock Park visit and last weekends carnival and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom visits). As I said, hopefully I’ll be able to blog from the road, but the adventure has far higher priority.

After eight months of planning, saving and swearing people to secrecy it’s finally here… I didn’t think I’d be able to contain my excitement! If you’re the prayin’ type a few words to the Big Guy about keeping the threatening thunderstorms away from Myrtle Beach until Sunday ouwld be much appreciated 😈

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