May 062008

eBay Received two intriguing emails from eBay this evening. The first isn’t nearly as exciting as eBay seems to think it is, but I figured I’d still pass on the info. The second will likely be of little use, but is mucho exciting so I’m sharing it as well.

The first email trumpeted in its subject line: Seller special! 50 cent max Fixed Price insertion fees.  Hrm…

Not nearly as exciting as March’s $0.01 insertion fees and nowhere near as good as the free listing days of old, but I guess it’s something.  X has a bunch of baby stuff she’s looking to clear out, so I may even find some use for this.  Full details, as always are on the eBay site itself, but essentially between Wednesday May 7 and Wednesday May 14 fixed price listings (aka Buy It Now or BIN listings)  won’t cost more than $0.50 as an insertion fee.  Normally listings starting below $10.00 are less than $0.50 anyway so this is only really a bonus for people looking to list lots of high-end items.  Still, it may be worthwhile for many.

The second email, is where the meat is…

eBay is finally starting a buyer reward program.  At this point it’s invitation only and I was selected as one of the lucky participants.  Boiled down to its simplest terms every time I buy something on eBay between May 15th and  August 14th (which could well be hundreds of transactions in my case) and pay formy purchases with PayPal eBay will credit my “rewards” account with 3% of my purchase.  Considering I was spending between$300 and $700 each month for the last six or so this could really add up to a fair amount of cash for me.

If you received one of these emails I strongly suggest you take advantage of it.  Even if you only buy a few things on eBay it’s basically free money – and that’s always a bonus!

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