May 042008

The First Wave of Imported Horror

When I was a kid all of the best (read bloodiest and most intense) horror films came from Italy. Sure, we had Freddy Kreuger and Jason Voorhees, but tracking down multi-generation VHS tapes of of Italian horror films was what all the true gore aficionados were into.

The Second Wave Of Imported Horror

In the 1990s Japan stole Italy’s crown and suddenly everyone was watching American remakes of Japanese horror films while the truly dedicated were buying pirate DVDs at anime conventions or downloading copies of the original Japanese films and discovering a whole new world of horror. Although so very few of us remotely understood the Japanese language we all discovered terror cuts across cultural lines.

The Third Wave Of Imported Horror

But next week the diehard gore fans will be trekking to one of 10 major cities to be a part of the coming of French horror (yes, I said French horror) to American screens when Xavier Gens’ Frontier(s) premieres in America on Friday May 9th. Rarely does an unrated film get seen on any theatrical screens in the United States and it’s an even more rare occurrence for an unrated horror film to get booked. But Frontière(s), which was part of last fall’s After Dark Film Fest has done just that. Unless you live in a major city you’ll have to road trip to see this on the big screen, but I promise it will be worth it.

For those who can’t make the journey the unrated and uncut DVD will be released the following Tuesday, May 13th. But if you consider yourself a true student of the horror genre, then you’ll want to check the select theater listings at the official website.

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  1. Nice post. I have seen one real shocker from Italy made in the 70s called something like The House of the Laughing Windows.

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