May 042008

75x75It’s no secret that I discovered anarchy from the punk rock bands of the 1970s. Not only did I absorb the messages in their music but also the statements made by their fashions. Both were quickly adopted and studiously observed (although in as discreet a manner as possible). Thank to Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols I started buying second hand clothes at the thrift shops only to further damage and degrade them with tears, rips, dirt, grime, and anything else I could think of to make them different than the shiny new clothes the preps in my area seemed to be wearing twenty-four seven.

While many punkers from the seventies and early eighties quickly changed their style to match the fashions of the day and their music to match the rebellion of the moment, both stuck with me – the anarchist philosophy to today. Fortunately, punk fashion eventually gave way to my own unique twists on classic punk style. These days you’re far more likely to find me in Dockers or just jeans and whatever shirt and shoes seem durable and comfortable. It’s a bit ironic that I used to buy clothes primarily based on how I could destroy them and now focus mainly on how well they can withstand my day to day abuse.

So why am I suddenly talking about my personal style in clothing? Well, because Dockers wants to know. But it’s not just me their interested in. They also want to see your personal style. In fact, they want you to share the Dockers twist on your classic style with the world by making a video and submitting it to the Dockers contest over at NBC. The best video will be shown on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

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