May 042008

A few different bits and pieces of good news for me from around the web over the last week or so. None really bloggable by themselves but combine them all together and add in this coming Wednesday’s exciting developments and you can see it’s a good time to be me 🙂

The first bit of excitement actually came on Monday (I think).
I was checking in with SocialSpark, the new blogger social networking site / blog advertising service and noticed that Philaahzophy had been selected as a “Featured Blog” for a few hours.
Sadly I didn’t receive any extra traffic to the blog itself (or any props at SS) and I think the “Featured Blog” is really just the “random blog o’ the moment”, but it was still cool to see and I can now say “As featured on” and be telling the truth 🙂

My two latest successes are at blog ranking site IZEARanks.

My new local blog Aahz Reviews Morgan Hill has skyrocketed its way to the top of the Shopping chart at in record speed! It now dominates the category, despite having a significantly lower weekly average RealRank then its closest competitors.

Meanwhile, Philaahzophy itself has bounced back into the number three spot on the Political Top 100 after having dropped to a low of number twelve while I was “taking my break” from February to mid-April. Because the supposedly ‘transparent’ Real Rank still allows people to hide their traffic stats I have no idea how difficult it’s going to be to squeeze back into the top spot, but don’t think that means I’m not fighting for it!

In other featured news… One of the photos I use on my Confirmed Celebrity Addresses blog was selected as a featured photograph on ShareaPic, my photo hosting site. That means it will be on their homepage for the entire month of June which I’m pretty excited about.

As you can see in this screenshot of my account there it has already received 164 views as of early morning on Sunday May 3rd. I’ll be sure to update y’all on the impact of having a featured pic in early June and we can see just how much revenue that shot will have earned me. Yes, ShareAPic is free online picture hosting site that pays you for every time for every time your images are viewed.

The final, and most important bit o’ good news for me last week came (not surprisingly) from my daughter Z. I didn’t grab a screenshot for this one, so decided to use my latest sweet little girl pic instead 🙂
Check out the I Love You Dad post she made on her personal blog, Butterfly Diaries, on Friday afternoon…

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