May 202008


I first heard the name Cesc Fabregas when he played for Spain in the 2006 World Cup. He’s since gone on to not only become a key player for Arsenal, but now he’s got his own television show as well. Yes, you could say the boy’s on fire, and according to this video you’d be dead on-

That’s a promotional video for his Nike Live / Sky Sports show, aptly named: The Cesc Fabregas show. Not only do we get an opportunity to learn more about this wunderkind, but some great guests stop by as well including his parents, Francesc and Nuria Fabregas, and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

May 192008

In my ongoing quest to ride every roller coaster in California, this was, by far, the most difficult to locate. Let’s start with just gathering information about it online…

It’s name is simply “roller coaster”. This doesn’t really give the search engines much to go on, does it. Add in the fact that various roller coaster sites have its home park listed alternatively as Funderwoods and Fun Town. At least they all agreed the coaster was in Lodi or I could have really been chasing a ghost. It turns out the park’s name was changed to Fun Town in 2006, BTW.

Upon arriving at the location indicated by MapQuest, we were greeted by this closed entrance!! Of course, never to be dissuaded from riding a coaster, Z went ahead and snuck in anywayz 😉

Seriously, though, the first entrance to Micke Grove Park, with the beautifully sculpted lawn and gorgeous gate house is closed for construction. It was only by pure chance that I ventured farther down the road and found another entry to the park. Of course, the quest was still not complete. there are no signs announcing Fun Town, and th eonly clue that we were in the right place was the fact that “amusement rides” was included on some of the park directional signs.

Obviously, we managed to find the place. Fun Town lived up to its name, being an enjoyable spot with about a half dozen different rides, mostly of the kiddie variety. Much to Z’s joy, they even had a Tilt-A-Whirl which was a lovely shades of blue and green-

The coaster itself was small, of course, and definitely a kiddie coaster, but not a kiddie ride. In other words, full size adults are more than welcome, and it only costs a single ticket, while the Tilt-A-Whirl and Scrambler each took two! Here’s a few pics of the coaster and a couple more videos. the first is a real quick look at tthe coaster pulling into the station and the second is our on-ride video.

As you can see from the on-ride video, this thing goes around a good five or six times, so it’s well worth the $1.75 (less if you buy tickets in bulk).
You can see more pictures of Roller Coaster as well as Fun Town, Micke Grove Park, and the Lodi A&W at our Micke Grove Photo Gallery.

May 192008

The folx over at WebHostingRating gave me a sneek peak at their new template earlier today and I gotta say it’s far nicer than their current site design. It’s just as clean as the old interface, but has a much slicker ‘feel’ to it which I think will help them go far. For those who haven’t heard of, they’re one of many sites that list the features and prices of various webhosts in order to make shoping for a new place to host your domains a little easier.

But they’re more than just a ‘catalog’ as they also provide an extensive article directory full of articles on domains and hosting topics including an excellent recent article on multiple domain hosting.

May 192008

Last November I dropped a post about some long term goals in order to provide a template of sorts for Z. One of those goals was to ride every roller coaster in California. As I’ve noted here before progress toward this goal has kicked in to high gear recently. So, I though I’d present y’all with some numbers.

According to Roller Coaster Database ( there have been a total of 150 roller coasters in California with 5 more scheduled to open in the next 12-16 months. Seventy-four of these 155 are currently operating with two more scheduled for this week. I have ridden a total of 84 California coasters, of which 60 are still operating.

What do all those numbers mean for my long term goal? Simply that I have only 16 remaining California coasters to ride to complete the goal! WooHoo!! I’m also re-riding a lot of California coasters during this process, of course, including almost all of the small park coasters so that I can have actual on ride memories of all the California coasters in addition to just the knowledge that I visited such-and-such park when I was a kid.

NOTE: The tally below includes coasters that I know I’ve ridden, though I don’t recall them. So as I report more rides here at Philaahzophy the numbers won’t always change accordingly.

May 192008

We aspire to a world community without enemy, without war. Man is not enemy of man except through lies of the State and State of the lie. Once violence is chosen as method, falsehood becomes principle. Our direct eyewitness experience shows that the State owes its existence to violence, and maintains itself by lies, coercion, and war.

That’s the opening statement on, an article archive dedicated to a Stateless Society, and created by Jeff Knaebel, an American-born expatriate who has been living since 1995 in self-imposed exile in India.

What most attracted me to the site was a section titled “What We Can Do”. I thought I had, at long last, found a compatriot t oassist in my Applied Anarchy series here at Philaahzophy. Alas, it was not to be as this section is apparently empty. Fortunately, however, the essays, events and filed reports sections are all packed with articles.

Ignoring the spiritual aspects can be a bit difficult at times (I always thought Buddhists were non-evangelical), but still possible and usually worth the effort. Although Jeff, aka Satyagrahi, is the primary force behind the site, it boasts articles from others as well. Apparently Satyagrahi has fled the domineering state in a very literal way, even allowing his passport and other government documentation to expire, leaving him a man without a country.

The site also boasts a small forum (currently 32 members are active), which I hope to explore more in the near future. It’s wonderful to find people actually interested about doing something to move towards freedom instead of wasting their time trying to choose the lesser of two evils.