Apr 302008

Despite all of the “common wisdom” out there that says people gain weight when they quit smoking I decided to reisk my forward (or is that downward?) momentum on my weight loss goal by quitting smoking as well. It’s now been 10 days without a cigarette (wow! I actually had to look that up 😀 ) and in that time I’ve lost another 6 pounds! WooHoo!

Yep, I’m finally under the 230 mark . Just barely, but I’m under. Considering I decided to lose weight when I was at 250, got stuck at 240, and somehow shot up to 253 a mere five weeks ago, I must say I’m pretty darn pleased with myself. 229 pounds still isn’t even halfway to my target weight, but if I take the stated goal literally (“lose 50 pounds”), then I’ve accomplished that handily 😉

I’m not trying to say that quitting smoking allowed me to lose the weight. I’m sure it’s all the walking and sticking to my Subway diet 5 days a week that has really made the difference. However, I was really expecting to bounce back up once the smokes were gone and I’m glad to say that hasn’t been the case.

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  1. Thanks Jackie!

    I make those “scrolly bits” using the marquee tag and stoll the idea from a site called Hell’s Handmaiden (which is apparently now defunct 🙁 )

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