Apr 282008

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m quitting smoking or the new arrangement of my room (since both occurred at essentially the same time), but for the last week or so I have been completely unable to sleep through the night.

The last time I had this problem was when I was living in downtown San Jose, right between a university campus and “crack corner USA” where all the drug dealers did their business. Then, at least I was able to get a White Noise Machine to block out all the noise. Considering the neighborhood and the fact that I was working graveyard shift at the time this thing was an absolute godsend.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of ‘white noise’, essentially it is static that blocks out all other sound.  It doesn’t cover that sound by being louder then it, though.  Rather the frequencies in the white noise all but erase the frequencies from all the background noise.  Ya gotta love technology!  In fact, ordering a travel unit from Dream Essentials is on my to do list before my next road trip. Truck stop motels may be cheap, but they’re not exactly quiet.

  3 Responses to “I Suddenly Can’t Sleep Anymore”

  1. White Noise Machines can help some people get a good nights sleep. However, there are so many reasons a person can’t go to sleep and you’ll need to find the right solution for your sleep problem.

  2. Quitting smoking is a very wise thing to do – but also very traumatic to the system. I don’t know your age or situation, of course, but it’s highly likely that is the cause of your insomnia, and hopefully it’s only temporary. I had insomnia for about 15 years – I woke up right around 2AM every morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. That will really mess up your life! Good luck with your lack of sleep. Hope it’s only a memory by now.

  3. Well done on quitting the cigarettes! It is a wise thing to pack in thr habit.
    There is a chance that the cravings are keeping you awake at night, take that into consideration.

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