Apr 272008

Okay, so “long lost” is a bit of a stretch. The truth is I get so upset thinking about the nightmarish opening day at California’s Great America in March that I keep forgetting to upload these videos to Philaahzophy. They have, however, been on YouTube since Mid-March and received a couple of hundred views. So, somebody thinks they’re entertaining.

These were both taken during the karaoke event where X and her kids (Z and her two half-brothers) opened the show with Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer, while Z and her mom closed it with Aretha Franklin’s classic Respect.

So, without further ado-

Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer
Aretha Franklin’s Respect

For those who prefer still images you can check out the photo gallery of Opening Day

All of which reminds me that I still haven’t posted the videos from Musee mechanique in San Francisco either. Have I?

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