Apr 272008

As I type this message I will be passing the one week (7 days / 168 hours / 10080 minutes) mark since I last smoked a cigarette. And all I want to know is where are the benefits?!? Last night Z and I went out for a seafood dinner. Neither my senses of taste nor smell seemed any better then the last time I ate seafood. I walked around today for about an hour and got just as winded coming up the stairs upon my return home as I always do. Hell, X even told me my hair smelled like smoke today! Not to mention that I didn’t get a single bit of congratulations from Z. So what, exactly is the point?

Before y’all start thinking I’m just having a major nic fit allow me to assure you that I am not. The patch has been pumping nicotine into my system 24 hours a day for the same amount of time (technically about an hour longer) that I’ve been tobacco free. And the cravings have all but ended. I’ve faced every single one of my triggers time and time again and not had a cigarette. The very same pack I left in my desk drawer around this time last Sunday night is still sitting there.

And I have seen a few benefits-

  • So far I’ve saved roughly $15 ($5/pack/day*7 days – $20 for nicotine patches)
  • I have a lot more time on my hands since I don’t have to keep stopping what I’m doing to go smoke
  • and… um… well… er….

Okay, so that’s it. $15 a day and maybe 2 extra hours of time. Not much of a benefit for giving up the single thing that’s been in my life longer than any other (barring autonomous functions like breathing). So, once again, I’m doing fine, but where are all the benefits?!?

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