Apr 242008

Is your shower shrinking? Do you feel like this guy?
shower curtain attack
According to MoreShowerSpace.com 47% of shower curtains get “clingy”, effectively reducing the amount of space you have while showering. According to Z, my roommate and myself, our shower curtain is the “King of Cling”, acting up 89% of the time or more. Not a big problem for Z, but my roommate and I are both 6’+ and take up a fair amount of space. Add in the fact that my roommate typically forgets to clean the shower curtain when it’s his turn to clean the bathroom and you begin to understand just how much of a problem clinging curtains can be in our household. Another problem is the hard water you might be getting from your locality, this is for another post, however this unbiased review of this product we found is worth sharing, look below.


Today, I found the answer: ShowerBow. I don’t know who invented this thing, but I’m willing to bet he (or she) was “just a guy” (or gal) as opposed to some corporate think tank inventor. Why would I say that? Because the Shower Bow is both too ingenious and simple to have been created by someone purely seeking profit. Brilliant inventions like this tend to come more out of a desire to solve a problem then a pure search for profit. By now you’ve either already clicked over to the ShowerBow™ site or are wondering what, exactly the ShowerBow™ is and does. Well, you should check out their site, but I’ll give you some more details first.

The ShowerBow™ is a flexible bow attached to a 1-pound counterweight. Like an invisible hand, it holds the curtain away from the shower’s interior, creating up to 25% more space at the elbow and knee level – where you need it most. When not needed, the counterweight tilts back into place, making the ShowerBow™ invisible from the outside. Like I said: genius! Best of all, it’s only $29.99 including shipping & handling and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied for any reason.

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  1. That was interesting. I would have to say that I never thought shower curtain will get the limelight. You might also find this article fun. It suggest that we ditch the towel to make use of this new technology – body dryer http://www.philaahzophy.com/20.....ng-shower/. Maybe one day I’ll try to get both. 🙂

  2. sorry wrong link. Here’s the right one http://www.bathroomandkitcheng.....om-Trends/

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