Apr 242008

Ron Paul On Tuesday nearly 130,000 people voted for Dr. Ron Paul in the Pennsylvania Presidential Primary. That was 16% of the Republicans voting in the primary, and approximately 1.5% of the registered voters in the state. The reasons Paul’s results were so high (or so low) have been analyzed all over the media and blogosphere over the last couple of days, so I will leave that to them. I’m too busy looking for a way to actually win freedom to worry about fighting the losing battle for it in this presidential election.

But imagine if even half of those Pennsylvania Ron Paul supporters joined the Free State Project and moved to New Hampshire.  There, those 65,000 transplanted Pennsylvanians would increase the number of registered voters from 690,000 to 755,000, still leaving themselves as a solid 8% of the total registered voters in the state.  That’s essentially a controlling voting block in and of itself, not to mention the ease of using their influence to sway others around them to their views.

Sure, this wouldn’t effect the Presidential race directly as no single state can elect the President.  But imagine what they could do within their own state borders.  Then, imagine the propaganda effect of the slaves in the other 49 seeing video footage and news reports of genuine freedom.  That’s a revolution!

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