Apr 242008

Blogger_embedAll right. Y’all know I’m not much of a video gamer. I do, however, love me some drivin’ games. A friend recently showed me some preview stuff about SBK ’08: Superbike World Championships and I seriously want, no, need this game. Of course, to play the game I also have to have a console to play it on. Luckily Maxxed Energy Pops is sponsoring a “You Make My Energy Pop” contest and giving away three Xbox360 Elites (oh and 14 video iPods, a $100 Game Stop gift card, a $250 Game Stop gift card, home theater 5.1 channel system with DVD, a 42’’ HDTV 1080p LCD TV, and about 1,200 Maxxed Energy Pops)! I am so there! In fact, I’m so there I added their little widget not only to the bottom of this post, but over there in my sidebar on the right as well.

But I can’t win this contest alone! I need your help! Luckily it won’t cost you anything either. All you’ve got to do is make my energy pop by clicking on my Maxxed widget (either one will do). Not only will clicking the widget help me win, but it will also allow you to enter to win their “Keep Going Sweepstakes” so you get your very own shot at some of the prizes listed above. You didn’t think I was going to ask something for nothing, did you?

Besides, not only will my winning the contest ensure I get many hours of SBK ’08 excitement here at home, buit all the Maxxed Enrgy Pops I win will help to prevent the flagging energy that keeps me from blogging some days. With all those energy pops at my disposal you should never see another day without me yammering on about something here at Philaahzophy.

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