Apr 232008

As I’ve mentioned, Rover (my beloved 1989 Ford Bronco) passed his smog check today. Given his age, the fact I’m not remotely a mechanic, and that he’s classified by the DMV as having a “High Emitter Profile” I seriously had my doubts. Z, on the other hand, had complete faith. Now that we know Rover won’t be stolen away by the government for the next two years we need to decide on his reward. Since Z is responsible for customization the final decision is hers, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make suggestions.

I’m rooting for custom seat covers from Lane’s Professional Car Products. If you’re not familiar with Lane’s exclusive line of professional auto-detailing products then you really need to check out their site. For the last seven years they’ve offered high end car wax, air fresheners (including new car scent!), engine cleaners, bumper protection, sunscreens, and custom dash, rear panel and seat covers.

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