Apr 232008

Living the bulk of my life in California (and traditionally being a late sleeper) I’ve only rarely walked out to my car on a cold morning only to discover the windshield so covered with frost that I couldn’t see out of it. However, while chatting with a native New Hampshirite the other day he passed on a tip to avoid this problem even on the coldest of mornings…

It was news to me, but did you know that vinegar melts ice? Just mix three parts vinegar to one part water and fill your wiper reservoir with the solution. On cold evenings just spray the windshield before park for the night. If there is any frost in the morning the vinegar will melt it off before you can even buckle your seatbelt. But that’s not the only benefit. The vinegar also helps clean off those bug parts and bird droppings that seem to always hit the windshield right after you’ve left the gas station.

  2 Responses to “Keep Your Windshield Clear On Cold Mornings”

  1. you do realize you could also start the car and wait for the car to warm up as well so you don’t get all that vinegar in the reservoir? Once the windshield warns up to the air temperate inside the car, you’re good to go.

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