Apr 232008

I passed the 72 hour mark without smoking a cigarette a few short minutes ago. Overall today was definitely easier than yesterday. But it still had its challenges.

The morning started with the return commute to San Jose to finish getting Rover smogged (I promise to post my rant on this tomorrow), but this time I hit major traffic. After being essentially parked on 101 for about 40 minutes I was incredibly grateful that my remaining smokes were in my desk drawer at home and not in the car. I don’t think I could have held out with them that close. I did have the courage to cut off the freeway and take side streets atthat point, though, braving liquor stores and mini-marts on the way.

Even though I arrived about the same time the tech did yesterday (~8:15) he wasn’t there yet so I was forced to stare at the Camel sign posted in the window of a nearby store for 10 minutes while I waited. Rover passe dhis smog, but it took another 20 minutes, followed by another 40 minute drive home.

Now the apology…

I knew that if I just sat at the computer typing I’d get serious cravings.  Hence, no posts until so late this evening.  Instead, I managed to keep myself busy all day after that – finishing the redo on my room and generally cleaning the house. Then the penultimate Big Brother 9 episode was on and that kept me distracted with Criminal Minds following right behind it. At this point I’m once again in complete control, but the cravings are still making themselves known.

Tomorrow I get to see Z, so that should keep me solid through the weekend. Wish me luck…

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  1. I came across your site reading 72 hour nonsmoking stuff, I was reading your quit smoking posts from May 2008 or something pal.

    I hope you try again. I’m currently on Hour 74 of not smoking, after 12 cigarettes a day for 12 years.

    I’m Reading ‘myth of addiction’ it is a good book, partially online for free…


    I’m fine at the moment. Wouldn’t consider in a million years using nicotine patches.

    I don’t accept that I was addicted to nicotine. I was in love with the whole feeling of a smoke, the ritual, the ability to take five minutes out whenever i wanted, the smooth feeling of inhaling a product, thick smoke down my airway DOES actually appeal to me, it tickles my fancy, got nothing to do with nicotine.

    I’m doing it cold turkey. I realized I just needed to treat it as if someone died that I loved. And grieve it. I love big meaty cheesy burgers too, love the feeling of it dissolving on me tongue, but if some quack said that ‘cheese was the active ingredient’ I was ‘addicted to’ I would tell him no way.

    The fact of the matter is, there is no biological test to ‘diagnose’ who is ‘addicted’ and who is not… it’s all self reporting.

    Something is going to be infinitely harder if billions of people are telling you its hard before you’ve even tried it standing on your own two feet.

    Big Pharma is a predatory disgrace selling nic patches if you ask me.

    If I wanted to be a hollywood director instead of a wage slave, and hundreds of millions of people told me it was too hard a job to get your foot in the door, the simple act of them telling me this, the power of suggestion, would paralyze me.

    Incidentally I wouldn’t mind being a hollywood director. Anyway.

    I hope you try quitting smoking again. After I’ve successfully quit for a couple months, the sodas and the cheese burgers are going next.

    It’s a very sad time for me. Facing up to the fact I actually do love ‘health’ and ‘life’, more than the brain abusing rush I get from myriad burgers and smokes. The post burger smoke for me, for many years, was orgasmic.

    I need to face up to the harsh reality that utter TERROR is not knowing when a lump of artery fat is going to break off and travel to your brain and WHAMM! LIGHTS OUT!

    That, my friend, is TERROR, forget terrorists. This is the peace time, abundance, western world terror we all face… the heart attacking us back, for all our attacks in it over the burger and smoke years.

    I’m 225 pounds at the moment, I’m 27, I’ve been a terrible eater ever since I moved out of home and it was ‘my duty not my mom’s’ to make sure I got healthy food. I’m a dick head for doing it, and I live in fear and terror and rightly so.

    After reading mountains of evidence online, over thousands of hours online, there comes a time when you’ve got to say goodbye to your loved ones, the bad food and the bad smoke. I loved them very much, they will always be remembered fondly, but for the rest of my life they must be no longer with us.

    I hope you give the smoke quitting another go and drop me a line if you do pal. Goodbye. Bill

  2. Thanks for sharing, Bill!

    Addiction is definitely a much overused word in America today, but I don’t really find it too relevant to my smoking habit. Whether I smoke because I’m an addict or I smoke purely out of pleasure, it’s still a part of who I am. And a part I no longer like. I’ve changed many, many things in my life, this can change as well. I just haven’t been motivated of late, but I know I shall try again and, eventually, be successful.

  3. No problem philaahzophy good to see you found my post even though it was buried in an eight month old post of yours.

    24 hours later, at the 96 hour mark, I’m still of the smokes.

    Life’s pretty boring, it’s not, but it just seems that way for the next few weeks, when all I have are products to DRINK and products to EAT, no products to BREATHE.

    It’s gonna take some getting used to, especially since I smoked from 14 to 27 and have no ‘adult life’ reference point to know how to be comfortable without the smoke.

    When I look at poor Patrick Swayze on Barbara Walters, I see that I made the right choice. The creeping death knell is bad enough, I no longer wish to spit on the trachea my mother and father created.

    Hahaha, too moralizing sounding… sorry pal. All in good, time. If there is one thing I have learned it is that the time must be right.


    that is meant to have no ‘www’ in it, is the best site in the world for the cold turkey quit attemptee.

    I wish you well my friend.

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