Apr 222008

With my weight loss deadline looming a mere 15 days away I decided to up the ante a bit and stop smoking as well. Note that I did not say “I’m trying to quit smoking again” or anything like that. I was very specific: I have stopped smoking.
quit smoking
While returning fro dropping off Z on Sunday I knew the time had come. I decided to finish off the day and slap a nicotine patch on when I went to bed. I awoke Monday morning and managed to make it through my usual wake-up routine without a cigarette. But this wasn’t huge news as I’ve actually done this before just because I was running a little late or I got distracted.

The first real test was running errands with one of my clients/roommates. We have a one hour pattern that we follow every Monday and despite my typically smoking one cigarette an hour, this hour always ends with my pack at least two (and occasionally three) cigarettes lighter. Well, not yesterday. I made it through completely smoke-free. Yeah me!

The next test was lunch. Not just the urge to smoke after eating, but also the habit of smoking while walking to Subway for my lunch. Again, victory. One of the reasons I chose not to quit immediately on Sunday was that I knew X would be calling me with drama (she did) and I always need several smokes while talking to her on the phone (I did). However, Monday’s usually pretty calm on the drama front. Not this one!

Z got busted for texting during class and tried to cover it up resulting in a solid two hours on the phone with X. This was the test of all tests, but I’m proud to say I made it through. I did snap at Z a couple of times (and one of my roommates once), but I managed it all without a butt in my hand.

Monday night was actually pretty smooth. I was still buoyed by my phone success and I chose to go to bed early so as to avoid temptation. However, more danger was right around the corner…

This morning I had to drive up to San Jose (40 minute sin the car – major trigger) in order to get Rover smogged so I can renew his registration. That means a lot of waiting around while mechanics do their thing and there is nothing to distract me from the nagging need for nicotine. Of course, the patch was providing nicotine, but I frequently smoke simply in order to kill time, so, again, a major trigger. Success once again!

I’m now approaching the 48 hour mark. I’m certainly edgy and the cravings are definetly getting stronger. However when I’ve tried to quit in the past I don’t think I’ve ever gone from a pack a day to zero for 48 hours in a single step before. This time will be different…

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  1. Hey! Keep up the good work, I’m really proud of you! My mom has told me over and over she’s going to quit, but she hasn’t, I’m glad you have more will power than her.

    YAY YOU!

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