Apr 212008

From Liberty Vol. 10, No. 2 – June 2, 1984-


[New York Sun.]

CHICAGO, April 21. – Emerson & Co., commission merchants, yesterday received a postal card order from Tuscola, Ill. for a supply of blackberries. They were surprised at the order until it was discovered that the postmark bore a date of Aug. 15, 1882, and that the card had been twelve years in transit from Tuscola. The sender of the car, J. C. Russell, removed Tuscola several years ago.

[The State may be slow, but it seems that it is sure. Perhaps if we give it time enough, it will accomplish everything it has undertaken. We complain because we are hasty and unreasonable. Give it twelve years, and it will deliver a postal card; give it twelve hundred years, and it will clean the streets, and so on. However, this is only hypothesis.]

Benjamin R. Tucker’s Liberty, was the most prominent periodical of individualist anarchism in the years 1881-1908, and probably of any period. You can find all 403 issues of Liberty and the 8 issues of the German-language Libertas in pdf form at Travelling In Liberty.

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