Apr 202008

Yesterday I took Z to her first gun show. I don’t know what I was expecting, but somehow it was still disappointing.

I had hoped to find some fellow freedom lovers at the gun show. At minimum some literature I could study and use to educate Z on the true meaning of freedom. No such luck. In fact, I’d love to show y’all some pics of the event, but if you check the giant rules sign they had posted out front you’ll notice rule #5 down at the bottom – “No picture taking”. Say what? I suppose I should have known right then and there that this was not a hall full of freedom lovers. Foolishly I forged ahead, paying $8.00 for the privilege. Essentially there were about 50 tables covered mostly with rifles manned by about 75 middle-age to old white men who could use a shave. Very much much a non-event.
The Right To Arm Bears
At minimum I assumed I would be able to find Z a sample of my favorite gun show purchase ever – a pro 2nd Amendment  t-shirt like the one to the right. Although there was a single seller of t-shirts and bumper stickers, none of the shirts and only a few of the bumper stickers were actually freedom oriented. The rest were either for gun companies or redneck, aryan, anti-immigration crap.

I suppose the people’s republic of California has fulfilled its own propaganda.  No longer are gun show attendees people who want freedom.  Now they’re just a bunch of racists looking to guard against imaginary slights from “them” (whoever they are).  Very depressing.

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  1. I’ve been to the TS Gun Show several times and I have NEVER seen anything with a racist message being sold at the show. Believe me, if I had I would have brought it up with the organizers right away. They are always present at the show and you can speak with them if there’s a problem.

    I’ve certainly seen bumper stickers and t-shirts there with anti-ILLEGAL immigration messages on them but to construe that as racist is just plain ignorant. There is nothing racist about wanting secure borders!

    If you had actually taken a good look at some of the people there you’d see many Hispanic and a few African-American faces in the crowd. We’re not all old rednecks either. I see plenty of young professionals like myself at the show as well.

    Sorry you weren’t allowed to take pictures but I can understand the reasoning behind that rule. I would prefer not to have my picture taken when I am engaging in a private business transaction and I’m sure others feel the same way. Going to a gun show is not like going to the state fair. Buying and selling firearms is a serious business… one that doesn’t need an outside audience.

    You should try going again, but next time leave your camera at home and bring an open mind. Those of us who go to gun shows are pro-Liberty and are there because we choose to exercise our rights. Just the fact that we’re there says a lot about how we see freedom.

  2. Not to keep harping on you, but you try to paint the “no picture taking” rule as anti-freedom but did you consider the fact that my right to not have my picture taken by you trumps your right to take pictures? With freedom comes responsibility. Part of that responsibility is to respect the privacy of others… not to mention the right of the organizers to enforce their rules at THEIR show.

  3. Sorry, SJ Guns, but your prejudices are hanging out all over the place. Let’s start at the end, shall we…

    I would not have taken pictures of anyone without their permission, I never do. The complaint is that I was not given the opportunity to even ASK if I could take people’s pictures. Your assumption that I would take your picture without asking permission is your first prejudice.

    As for my needing to respect “the right of the organizers to enforce their rules at THEIR show,” what makes you think I didn’t respect that right? Do you see pictures of the inside of the show? No, because I didn’t take any, out of respect for their rules. Just because I have respect for someone’s rules doesn’t mean I can’t express displeasure with them. At least not in any sense of the word “freedom” that I’m familiar with.

    Moving backwards into your first comment… How is it that the fact that someone’s at a gun show “says a lot about how we see freedom” for you and your fellow gun enthusiasts, but not for me? There’s prejudice number two on your scorecard: that because I’m not a gun show regular and didn’t enjoy THIS show that I somehow have a closed mind.

    Skipping the photo paragraph we get to the crowd – where did I imply the crowd was not racially mixed? It seemed to reflect the racial make up of San Jose just fine. It was the dealers who were UNIFORMLY white. This may not be the case at all gun shows, but it was at this one.

    As for the bumper stickers: “Go Back Across The Border” doesn’t deal with the issue of legality, or am I missing some undercurrent there? How about “Save Our Culture”? What, exactly am I missing there? And what’s your explanation for ““Mohammad is a pig,” “Hitler was right”, or the “warning” sign that read had a big “No” with “Smoking / Dogs / Jews” stacked alongside it? What non-racist connotations am I missing out on there? BTW, these are just the ones my daughter and I can remember. And before you go saying you don’t believe they were there, I’d gladly show you proof had I been able to take pictures. So there’s prejudice number three – that because I’m not “one of you” I’m clearly ignorant.

    I think it’s wonderful that you would have “brought it up with the organizers right away”. We didn’t because we support the seller’s right to offer whatever they like for sale. If the organizers didn’t want such things at their show they would have already had them removed – it’s not like they were being hidden.

    I’ve been to dozens of gun shows over the last 30 years, this was just the first time taking my daughter (and my first visit in nearly a decade). What I remember (and was hoping for) was a lot different than what we saw at this event.

    So, if you think we just “hit a bad show” that’s fine. But even allowing photography (not nearly as big deal as you seem to think it was to us) and removing the racist propaganda (expected based on past visits) we were still left without a SINGLE piece of pro-freedom merchandise or literature to purchase. THAT was the true disappointment.

  4. I was not saying YOU would take pictures of people without their permission. I was merely explaining what I believe to be the reasoning behind the rule. Not everybody is as well behaved as you claim to be.

    Also, I wasn’t making a comment about your view of freedom when I said “the fact that we’re there says a lot about how we see freedom”. I was arguing against your rather asinine comment that “No longer are gun show attendees people who want freedom.”… and that was right before you said we’re all just a bunch of paranoid racists!

    Like I said, I have been to many TS gun shows over the last 12+ years and have NEVER seen anything like the material you mention and I HAVE seen plenty of pro-Liberty items, some of which I purchased at the show in November. As a person of Jewish heritage, believe me, I would have had a word with anyone selling merchandise with antisemitic messages at the gun show. Not because I want to tell them what they can and cannot sell, but because it would piss me off and I’d take them to task on it just like I did with you. Like I always say… you have the right to say any idiotic thing you want, but know that I’ll be right there to call you an idiot when you do.

    I’ll be at the TS Gun Show tomorrow and I’ll be looking for the material you claim is there.

  5. Your claim that all the sellers are white is also a fallacy. At the last show I personally bought gear from a booth with two Asian sellers. I also recall a booth with a very nice Hispanic gentlemen selling AK parts. Even if they were all white, I’m not sure how that’s an indictment. Who cares if they’re all white? How ignorant. However, your argument falls apart in the face of the fact that at the last show, they weren’t all white. I don’t know why I’m even wasting my time arguing with you.

  6. I was just saying to my daughter that you really picked a bad day to comment on this 8 month old post – as I’m rather irritated and argumentative this evening. Then you’re back pointing out that I’m irritated and argumentative this evening. What’s my point? I dunno, I think I’m just rambling. On to replying to your message…

    I understand why they have the photo rule. The complaint was simply that as a result I had no decent pictures to add to the post – no mention of liberty or freedom was attached to the sentiment.

    As for my “asinine” statement about freedom lovers not attending CA gun shows, it may be wrong, but I think “asinine” is pushing the extremes a bit, don’t you? There were a grand total of ZERO evident liberty lovers in attendance at the April show we attended. Doesn’t mean there weren’t such attendees there, but it was certainly not evident by the merchandise being offered.

    At the APRIL gun show that we attended there was not a single non-white face behind a single table. I suppose it’s possible that your Asian and Hispanic sellers are new/missed that show/were at lunch, but they weren’t there when we strolled through. Why does it matter? It doesn’t – I was just describing the room – dull and homogeneous.

    As for why you’re wasting your time arguing with me, I have no idea. But the more you do it the more you like like a paranoid (your word, not mine) “looking to guard against imaginary slights from “them” (whoever they are)” – with me being the “them” in this case.

    So I had a bad time at the one gun show I’ve attended in the last decade. Why’s it bother you so much? When I was younger I had a great time. So my daughter had a bad time at the one gun show she’s attended? Why should it bother you?

    The facts are simple – at the show we attended all the sellers in evidence were white and there was racist propaganda openly being offered for sale at the one table with shirts and stickers. Your experiences apparently differed at the November show. Good for you. Maybe they tuck away the racist crap when there are non-white sellers in evidence? Maybe this was the only time that dealer was there? How am I to know? My post deals specifically with the show held the day before my post (as evidenced by its opening line).

    I wish we’d attended the November show instead of the April show. Then I would have been able to share at least some of the good gun show experiences I’d had with my daughter. As is, she’s only got that (according to you) skewed view of people who like guns. Mores the pity.

    But attacking me isn’t doing anything to prove your point. It’s just giving me someone to misdirect my day’s frustrations at. And for that, Kind sir/madam, I thank you 😉

  7. So I just got back the TS Gun Show and didn’t see a single piece of material such as the ones you describe. I even actively looked for it and could not find it. Everything I saw was pro-Liberty, pro-gun, etc. There were lots of “minority” sellers there too.

    Sorry buddy, you must have slipped into another dimension when you walked through the doors of the show back in April because it was unlike any show I’ve ever seen.

  8. Glad to hear it!

    Now if only I could learn to control that inter-dimensional travel 😉

  9. You both have way too much time on your hands….I was out looking up the ts gun show in SJ today and found this ridiculous playground shoving match.

    And it does look like your inter-dimensional travel is out of control – your posts are from the future…

  10. Oh – you just use a screwy date scheme. Very patriotic…

  11. My big gripe with the T&S gun shows, aside from being small and not having much, is you can get your hand stamped and come back for free the same day, but not the next day. At the Crossroads of the West gun show at the Cow Palace in Daly City, you can get your hand stamped and come back the next day for free. Just be sure you cover the stamp with a piece of tape so the stamp doesn’t wash off. T&S Shows just don’t make sense. Letting people in for free the next day with a stamp would be good public relations. I guess the people that run the show are just in it for the money.

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