Apr 202008

A few days ago I wrote about what a great opportunity SocialSpark is for parent bloggers. Well, I’ve been using SocialSpark for a few weeks now and I thought y’all might want a closer look at what SocialSpark provides.

The Basics

  • SocialSpark is the latest and greatest system designed to link advertisers with bloggers.
  • Unlike previous systems every link from SocialSpark is a search engine friendly “no follow” link.
  • In-post disclosure of the paid status of a blog post is required for every single sponsored post through SocialSpark.
  • SocialSpark uses social networking and Web2.0 technologies and features to bring advertisers and bloggers into ever greater levels of communication.

Bells and Whistles

  • Detailed analytics for every blog including-

    • Number of visitors
    • Number of page views
    • Traffic by country
    • Top referrers
    • Top outgoing links
    • Demographic information including visitor age, language, gender, browser, OS, and screen resolution
  • Detailed information on every blogger and every advertiser including-

    • Recent advertising opportunities taken/offered
    • Comments from anyone in the Social Spark community
    • Feedback from former advertisers/bloggers
    • Location, website(s), number of props, friends and more
    • Tags and channels related to the blogger or advertiser
    • Ability to see just how active the blogger/advertiser has been since joining SocialSpark
  • Multiple different types of advertising opportunities-

    • Sponsored posts (the advertiser sets a price range and their specific requirements for the post)
    • Blog sponsorships (a banner appears across the bottom of the blog on every page load and an interstitial appears on each visitor’s first visit for the day)
    • BlogUBack Opps (You blog on the suggested topic and the advertiser will write about the blogger in return)
    • Zero cost “Sparks” to encourage people to write on specific topics (or defeat writer’s block)

There’s so much to SocialSpark that I’m still discovering new areas and tools every day. It’s now in open Beta, which means that anyone can sign up as either a blogger or an advertiser, but there’s still a few bugs and odd little things here and there. Whether you’re looking for a way to promote your product or service or hoping to find a better way to monetize your blog, SocialSpark is well worth the look.

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