Apr 162008

StumbleUpon Addict I noticed something mighty strange about StumbleUpon today. But let me back up a bit…

Last week I came across Adamant Solution’s StumbleUpon Alerter. This is a great little app that you can download. It then sits in your system tray and alerts you when someone stumbles or reviews a post that you discovered. It actually does quite a bit more than that, but you should check it out yourself, because I want to talk about the weird thing that StumbleUpon Alerter brought to my attention.

This morning I submitted my comparison of website metric ranking systems to StumbleUpon. It immediately showed up in my StumbleUpon Alerter and it wasn’t long before I heard the alert telling me it had been stumbled. Curious I pulled up the window and saw that MrsMecomber had posted a review of the article to SU, but it didn’t indicate she had thumbed it. Okay, either she wasn’t that fond of the article or there’s a glitch in the Alerter. No big deal.

A few more Stumbles rolled in and then another user reviewed it, but the Alerter did indicate that this user had given me a thumbs up. Strange. So I did a little experiment myself. Upon coming across an article I wanted to thumb up, instead of using my SU toolbar thumb I clicked the SU button in the post. Up popped the little SU window asking me to review the site and add tags.

After completing and submitting the form I revisited the page in a separate browser tab. My SU Toolbar did not indicate that I had given the page a thumbs up. Strange, indeed. I checked the site’s page at SU and saw my positive review was posted, but my toolbar still didn’t indicate that I liked the page. Since I did like the article I went ahead and hit the toolbar thumb which has since accurately shown that I like the page.

I don’t pretend to understand the convoluted ins and outs of how StumbleUpon works internally, but it seems to me like there’s some kind of problem here. I’ve read that reviews count for more than thumbs in SU’s ranking, but how are those reviews counted (good or bad) if neither thumb has ever been selected?

I suppose the “moral of the story” is that if you want to give a site a review, make sure you click the appropriate thumb as well. If anyone out there has a better understanding of this phenomena I would really appreciate some input. Or if you’ve experienced something similar your story would be appreciated.

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  1. Funny you should blog about problems with StumbleUpon today. This morning, as I turned on my computer and launched Internet Explorer, I received the following error message before doing any surfing whatsoever: “You are Stumbling too fast, you might fall down.” I kid you not!

    Roxiticus Desperate Housewives’s last blog post..Social Cardsters: A Night Out On The Card

  2. You know, I don’t understand the gears behind it all either.

    But I will tell you this: I thought I was the only one who had been experiencing some weird flux with SU. I thought it was just my computer, acting wonky when I use the toolbar. I’d notice that some articles I did thumbs up on didn’t stick. And I use the SU Alerter also, so seeing it from that angle was another thing I chalked up to bad programming.

    Glad to know that isn’t the case!

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  3. Trouble is that we are now relying on the computers, and the system…so we’re f##ck#d when it all starts unravelling. But why wouldn’t it

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  4. everything about SU still is odd for me. I have 400 – 700 SU hits a day and no conversion. I don’t think SU works for sending good traffic – only search engines work, the rest is bull.

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  5. Ah, I’ve noticed SU acting strangely also, but haven’t set aside any time to deal with it. Too many other things on my plate. I gave the review of your post because I assumed that would automatically give it a thumbs up. I was told that a review has more authority than a thumbs up, so I’ve been doing TONS of reviews. So…. whenever I have reviewed a post, it doesn’t give it a thumbs up?!? Or is this a change in the toolbar?

    Unless it it the toolbar at fault here. Firefox’s update a few weeks ago threw everything into the mixer. Half my addons, which supposedly were compatible, were acting strangely and doing things on their own.

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  6. ROTFL!

  7. You may well have a point there, Squiller 😈

  8. Hi Richard!

    I agree that StumbleUpon traffic isn’t very heavily converting. But I still value it, personally.

    While I do my best to earn money from my blogging I mainly blog because I feel I have something to say and I want people to “hear” what that is. They can’t do that if they don’t visit the blog, and StumbleUpon has been a consistent traffic draw for me.

  9. Greetings, Mrs. Mecomber.

    I certainly wasn’t try to call you out on the lack of a “proper” stumble or anything. I figured you probably made the same assumption I did. Turns out we were both wrong (at least for the moment).

    Unfortunately I still don’t know where the problem lies and my plate’s once again fairly full as well, so not much more time for investigating. Hopefully an answer will arrive soon.

  10. Just received a message from dirtyredbandana – a fellow Stumbler – who wrote-

    this is always how mine has worked, if i don’t hit thumbs up before I hit review, it doesn’t show as positive or negative. But it’s been doing that since I joined, and I know I have to hit thumbs up before i review.

    So, it seems this is not a new phenomenon after all (She’s been on SU since last September and has nearly 6,000 stumbles at this point.

  11. Thanks for this post! I had no idea.

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