Apr 142008

All right, I suppose it’s more like he’s “walking for President”, but regardless he’s still technically in the race.

I have to make that statement at least once a week in response to someone commenting on the Ron Paul bumper sticker I still proudly display on Rover’s tailgate. But today was a bit of a special day, because when I visited Subway for my mid-day meal I was handed the bill pictured here in my change. In case you can’t read the stamp on the right side of that bill it reads: Ron Paul for President www.ronpaul2008.com Of course, I have no idea when this bill was stamped or how long it’s been in circulation, but it still warms my heart to know that there are others out there still pulling for the only politician worthy of a vote for any office.

Yes, John McCain has the Republican nomination all sown up, but there are still more than 6 months to election day and many, many things have been known to happen in the summer of a Presidential election year. All of the other Republican candidates for President have officially dropped out, so should something happen to McCain, Dr. Ron Paul will be in the catbird seat.

Of course, while preparing this blog post I was reminded once again of just how much we need Dr. Paul to restore liberty to this supposedly free country. When I tried to scan the bill in to share with all of my fellow liberty lovers Photoshop gave me the following message:

This application does not support the unauthorized processing of banknote images.

For more information, select the information button below for Internet-based information for copying and distributing banknote images or go to www.rulesofuse.org.

Information Cancel

It only took me about 10 minutes to find a work around (attn: potential counterfeiters – simply put something else in the image as well then crop out your banknote), but that’s not the point. “Unauthorized”? It’s MY money, isn’t it? I’m authorizing the copying. The website it directs me to contains the following blathering on-

Every country has legal restrictions on the reproduction of banknote images. The counterfeiting of currency is a crime, and while restrictions vary from country to country, in some countries, any reproduction of banknote images – even for artistic or advertising uses – is strictly forbidden. Even in countries that allow some limited use of banknote images, there are specific rules and requirements. This website will provide you with information about reproducing banknote images and links to country-specific websites for further guidance.

While the overall economic losses to society from counterfeiting of currency are generally limited, the victims who suffer the most harm are individuals and businesses, because no one reimburses those who accept counterfeit notes. Counterfeit currency can also undermine confidence in the payment system, making the public uncertain about accepting cash for transactions.

The Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group (CBCDG) is responsible for this website. A counterfeit deterrence system (CDS) has been developed by the CBCDG to deter the use of personal computers, digital imaging equipment, and software in the counterfeiting of banknotes. The CDS has been voluntarily adopted by hardware and software manufacturers, and prevents personal computers and digital imaging tools from capturing or reproducing the image of a protected banknote. The technology does not have the capacity to track the use of a personal computer or digital imaging tools.

For information specific to a particular country or the banknote image you want to use, click on the appropriate region on the map or select the relevant country or currency from the list.

I don’t know who these guys are, or why they think they should be able to control what I do with my personal property, but I’m certainly not happy about it. Wikipedia has the following to say about them-

In 2004, CBCDG announced the development of a “Counterfeit Deterrence System” (CDS) incorporating a technical means for the detection of banknotes. This system was reportedly developed by the U.S.-based watermark technology company Digimarc. CBCDG said that the purpose of this system was to “prevent personal computers and digital imaging tools from capturing or reproducing the image of a protected banknote.”

I don’t know how many millions these guys spent developing this technology, but I’m sure it was plenty. The good news is that it’s garbage technology as you can clearly see from the bank note scan attached. The bad news is that it was forced upon me without any disclosure. The more I learn about what Adobe’s up to these days the happier I am I never paid for my copy of Photoshop.

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  1. i pray ron paul is still in the running if he isnt we are in big trouble everyone needs to realize what our country has come to without ron paul as president we are doomed

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