Apr 132008

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an amazing technology and an RSS reader is a must have for any blog devotee. But if your blog isn’t tech oriented or serving an internet savvy audience then you’re probably losing out on a lot of readers. Zookoda is an email marketing application designed specifically for bloggers. Instead of requiring your readers to use an RSS reader to receive your blog directly, Zookoda.

The most essential benefit of Zookoda is that it delivers your blog posts directly to your reader’s email boxes. No “new” technology or software necessary. For many, many blog visitors this can be a God-send. And as a blogger you probably already know that anything ood for your readers is good for your blog and, thus, good for you.

What, Exactly, Does Zookoda Do-

  1. E-mail delivery of your RSS Feed(s)
    Once you’ve registered for Zookoda you enter the addresses of your RSS (or Atom) feeds. These will then be converted to create the content of the emails to your subscribers.
  2. Easily manages your email list(s)-
    Zookoda provides you with the HTML for an easy sign-up form which can be posted to your blog. This is double opt-in technology so you can be confident your messages will not be considered (or falsely marked as) spam. There’s no list management required for you as the blogger. Zookoda takes care of everything while simultaneously giving you the ability to tinker should you so desire.
  3. Customize professional looking emails
    Not only is list management essentially hands free with Zookoda, but they also make it easy to create a custom template to make your email more attractive to your readers. Not only does this help with your professional image, but aids in the essential branding of your blog as well.
  4. Schedule email broadcasts of additional content
    Have you ever wanted to reward your regular readers with special content or a special offer? Zookoda makes this easy as well. Simply schedule a special email only broadcast and send it out whenever (and however often) you decide.
  5. Gather data to market your blog more effectively
    Quite possibly the most useful part of running your mailing lists through Zookoda is the powerful reports they provide. Your blog can give you a rouhg idea of the amount of trafic you receive. RSS tools like Feedburner can let you know how many people have clicked on your RSS links, but only Zookoda gives you all the information you could want. Who’s opened your emails, when they’ve read them, what they’ve clicked through on, and even bounce rate.
  6. Support for multiple blogs, email lists, broadcasts, etc-
    If you consider yourself a professional blogger, are aspiring to become one, or are just a blogging addict then you probably have multiple blogs. Well, with Zookoda you can manage all of your blog subscribers in one place.

By now, you probably have one burning question: how much is all of this functionality going to cost me? Well, thanks to the folx at IZEA (Zookoda’s parent company) you can get all of these amazing tools for the fantastic one time price of absolutely nothing. Yep, that means FREE! No cost whatsoever. Still not convinced? Just click on over to Zookoda and give ’em a try yourself.

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